Our Services

  • We help my clients with :
    (a) starting their retirement and estate planning, 
    (b) implementing accumulation strategies to move toward their retirement goals, 
    (c) designing income distribution strategies for their retirement years, and 
    (d) designing legacy and estate preservation strategies. 

  • While we can help clients build financial plans to help guide them towards their dreams, we also address the risk management issues that could interrupt financial plans put in place. To fulfill that need we are experienced and licensed for health and various types of life insurances, disability/income protection, long term care protection, critical illness and fixed annuities.

  • We also help my business clients with:
    (a) Retirement Plans such as 401k plans, SIMPLE IRA's and SEP IRA's,
    (b) Small business continuation planning,
    (c) Key person protections, 
    (d) Buy/Sell agreement discussions and funding techniques,
    (e) Other fringe benefits for employee retention.